The Walls of Ancient Record

Over a couple of decades to maybe a lifetime we have followed an intuitive urge as independent explorers to try and chase-down and understand our ancient true origins. We gathered hundreds of photographs from the wonderland of the tunnel and cavern system under the Giza Plateau. It was as we were analyzing these at home when the magic really began. We had noticed anomalies on the walls; rakings and discolourations, strange markings and grooves. Then on an evening I would never forget. The pictures were all HD and mostly taken by flash in inky darkness. Now I had cropped deeply into one photograph. I played with the colour controls of my Office 2010 software and suddenly it happened:: Where before, the surfaces reflected a predominant colour, a shift in colour frequency allowed the remains of deeply embedded pigment to bleed through. There on the screen was the sight of an almost gypsy-like figure staring back at me. Lifelike and sophisticated and nothing like the classic ancient cave art everyone knows. I nearly fell of my chair.

Now years on, I can say that the walls of the NC2 system as far as we have been able to explore, (and well beyond anything that relates to classic Egyptian imagery,) are covered in mind boggling artwork and etchings.These include scenes of cityscapes overlooking secondary jungle with native village huts …extinct and prehistoric animals …theriomorphic figures in scenes of great pageant …flying craft …mammals and water scenes where the rakings in the analysed versions give the full 3d effect of peering down through water surface. Much of what we have found so far has already been published on our primary website :: :: but more will appear here as the research continues.

However there are a couple of twists::: We discovered that many of the rakings were in fact Ogham script incorporated to the images. Our late friend Professor Catherine Ochalonu had started to help with translations before she tragically died. These alluded to greater revelations to be found deeper underground just as the legends tell. We have so much more Ogham which need to be translated, but it will find its time and the right person again.

The second twist, is that when trying and refining the analysis techniques with the digital photographs, we found that the same generic images were waiting to be recovered from other locations around the world! From shared photographs we have identified faded surviving imagery in over 80 world locations elsewhere so far.. We have also identified many common traits and methods of purpose by their creators.. We have already been blessed with validations when these have been put to the test in new locations.. All of this and more will be sampled here as a showcase for ongoing finds. The whole subject and our findings will be properly published in due course.. Anyone more deeply interested is invited to go to our main website and browse all the files on NC2… Otherwise I have many analysed gallery pictures gathered on my FaceBook page under (Richard Gabriel) ..follow my white tiger logo… For now I will share anything new here.. Good luck with your search.

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Photo Imprints of The Ancients

A good friend shared a conversation with me he’d had with an Aborigine Elder. They had discussed the ancient illustrations on the rocks which were now faded from normal sight. The elder explained that these were original records imprinted to the surfaces and held record of the first time. Much more was said, but the […]

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Rock of Ages :: Illustrated

A short while ago an excellent article was published by Steve and Evan Strong on FB. discussing the influences felt while working with particularly important rocks found in Australia. After many hours of eye watering concentration and analysis I offer the following to everyone as serious food for thought. The full article can be read […]

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Dreamtime of the Lion’s Tale

Take one monument in Giza Egypt, mix it with the confounded theories of world experts over the years, add the deception of a period in Egyptian history where attempts were made to completely forget a former dynasty… add to it the ruler who was a man but really a woman, then finally add the missing […]

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