This cave as part of a system in the cliffs which follow the meandering river Wye has been extensively examined by archaeologists for over a hundred years. Its bounty has included Rhino, Elephant, Hyena, Bear and a multitude of other animals and is dated to the Paleolithic and beyond. However, for all the work done so far, the caves hold one undiscovered secret. Embedded within the rock surfaces there are spectacular images hidden to the naked eye but still surviving. Some of these can be extracted again by the long forensic digital analysis of photographs harvested from the location. Their sophistication and content confounds all that we expect from our supposed primitive ancestors… How? Why? Exactly When? …and by whom; because these illustrations were produced by a people who used advanced methods we cannot explain today.

See the following sequence where one target photograph was taken from part of the head of the entrance looking out. It was then subjected to over twenty four hours of accumulated time to analyse, delineate and re-shade the result. The photographs ideally need to be examined on a full sized computer screen which will allow further enlargement to even see the amazing micro images. These findings mirror similar findings for such illustrations that we have discovered at key locations all over the world. The implications are shattering to the view of ancient history as we know it so far…. We still await the arrival of perfect new camera equipment from the production line. The L16 Camera will allow us to take the investigation of these Walls of Record to a whole new level.

:: Four Pics ::: Showing the original – 2 stages of analysis – and finally a cropped section to give a lazy closer view of the same. Remember, they need further enlargement to see what is really there.





Just 1 Pic from hundreds…

Good luck, Richard & Judith.

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