Gobekli Tepe – A hidden secret

It seems as if half the experts in the world have visited this wondrous ancient site in Turkey. It is said to date back to the 10th/8th millennium BCE and remains a great mystery. Why was such a vast structure buried and preserved in situ? What was its purpose? Who were the builders? A google search on the name will reveal how many notable answers  have been offered up so far. I follow new discussion on an excellent FB page ::: https://www.facebook.com/groups/692082857480641/?multi_permalinks=1435929836429269&notif_t=group_activity&notif_id=1491710577152364  ::: One recent post caught my eye because it featured a recently discovered (portal) stone. The picture was of decent quality so I figured to save/crop and analyse it for imagery. The results are below… showing the original with grateful thanks to the authors here :::: https://tepetelegrams.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/two-foxes-and-a-bucranium-the-first-in-situ-porthole-stone-from-gobekli-tepe/  :::: I spend so many hours on this to get the best basic settings, and then using Elements9 to carry out delineations at 1 pixel point line size – before final emphasis shading. I found also as per other world sites where this ancient language of illustration survives that the seeming impossible was achieved. In this case, when the picture/stone was rotated anti-clockwise through 90 degrees, it showed a completely different picture landscape. I will leave it the viewer to make of it what they will, but I urge anyone interested to view these pics greatly enlarged on your own screen. It is only in this way that the incredible micro (fractal) images and scenes can be viewed.

porthole-stone (1)porthole-stone1 - Copyporthole-stone - SIDE 1

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