Quoted from video: 10,500 year-old Karahan Tepe: Gobekli Tepe’s Sister Site in Turkey.

The hidden treasure I refer to is the bounty awaiting discovery on this new found site in the form of its historic ancient illustrations. As with so many other sites, the illustrations are faded from plain sight. I’m grateful to Hugh Newman and Andrew Collins for producing a video of their visit there ::: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGaGH2WY5Wc&feature=youtu.be  :::  www.megalithomania.co.uk  ::: As a sample I did three screen captures from the video to put through full digital analysis. The fantastic results are below. As always, I show the target picture paired with the result each time. Come the day when the worth of Photo-Archaeology with deep digital analysis is given its due. It offers a hidden treasure from Antiquity which has a ready and available story to tell :::  & P.S. All of these analysed pics do better for serious examination when you use copy/save-as to your own computer, and then open ideally in Office 2010 to enlarge in full screen for study.


Cropped below …the rock to the left of the portal stone. A clear head profile in the lower section and a bird occupying the top section.



Close-up below  …of the stone protruding from the ground. If you look really carefully you will see there are smaller humanoid (or theriomorphic) figures superimposed in a line upon the larger row of animals behind them.



Another stone protrusion, another view, more illustrations this time showing a balcony of animal figures peering out towards the viewer.



Part of another Portal stone – But look at the illustrated scene spread across the lower part of the stone. The array of animals appear to be the occupants of a small boat of some kind.



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